Brookes University Golf Society Membership

MEMBERSHIP: Is open to ‘The Oxford Brookes University Golf Society (OBUGS)’

The Annual Subscription is £195.00

Membership will run from 1st October for one year. There will be no reduction in subscription until 1st May  when it will be reduced by 50%.

MEMBERSHIP RESTRICTIONS: Play is restricted to weekdays only *

The OBUGS Members are not entitled to enter club competitions and a handicap will not be maintained.

REGULATIONS: Members of OBUGS shall adhere to the rules and regulations of Oxford Golf Club at all times.  Membership Bag Tags must be displayed when on the course.

Any abuse of membership or contravention of the rules of Oxford Golf Club may result in suspension or expulsion from playing at Oxford.  For the avoidance of doubt, anyone caught using a Members Bag Tag not assigned to them shall be reported to the University Authorities and the OBUGS Membership at Oxford Golf Club shall be immediately terminated and all fees forfeited.

APPLICATIONS: Individual player’s application forms are available from the Oxford Golf Club office.  Applications are only accepted in person.

* If a 7-day membership is required, individuals can join Oxford City Golf Club as a Student / (Intermediate 1) member (aged 18-23) which will entitle them to play at weekends and enter club competitions. The Annual Subscription for this membership is £395 which runs from 1st April each year. to 31st March the following year. This membership subscription would be approximately Pro-rata for late joiners.

Oxford City Golf Club – Intermediate / Student Membership (18-23): £395.00 p.a

NB. The OCGC Membership is a 7 day membership and entitles the member to enter all Oxford City Competitions once a handicap has be allocated / validated.


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