Q & A: Joe the pro










1) Where are you from?

I'm from Abingdon, Oxfordshire.

2) How did you first get into golf?

My brother and I went to the driving range with my father when I was seven years old.

3) When did you first become a pro?

It was back in 2007, working for Tony Rees [the former head pro at the Oxford Golf Club] at the age of 19.

4) Who is your favourite tour golfer, past or present? Why?

My favourite golfer is Seve Ballesteros because of his great short game and his passion, talent and his overall ability.

5) If you could only give one tip to any amatuer club player to improve their game what would it be?

Make sure you finish with a balanced follow-through to the target. Remember: Belt buckle towards the target!

6) What's your key philosophy to teaching golf?

Keep things very simple, place the emphasis on the fundamentals and always have the individual foremost in mind.

7) What are some of your methods for teaching people to improve their game?

I have various specific methods and drills to help an individual improve but one method is learning from his/her ball flight. And there are many more. It depends on the person to determine the best techniques and drills to meet that person's needs. Call me for a consultation/lesson! We'll find what works best for you.

8) What make/model of clubs do you play with? Why?

Ping. Because, to me, they are the best in terms of their engineering.

9) When you're not on the course or giving lessons how do you like to have fun?

I like going to music gigs or playing guitar, and I enjoy playing a bit of tennis.

10) Ketchup or brown sauce?

Brown sauce. No contest!


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